Do your students need further speaking practice? Do you need extra resources for students preparing for their speaking matura exam? If yes, we have got a perfect material for you and your students.


ROLE-PLAYING ACTIVITIES PART 1 is a presentation consisting of 28 dialogues, requiring your students to demonstrate their creativity and practise speaking skills. The task follows the format of exercise 1 from an oral English matura exam.The material is suitable for students at levels from B1 upwards.

Our presentation ROLE-PLAYING ACTIVITIES PART 1 comprises the following topics:  PEOPLE, HOUSES, SCHOOL, WORK, FAMILY AND SOCIAL LIFE, FOOD, SHOPPING AND SERVICES ( 4 dialogues for each topic).

If you buy ROLE-PLAYING ACTIVITIES PART 1, you receive:

  • PDF presentation,
  • the link to the presentation in Canva.