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Welcome to eFluella

Welcome to eFluella – a unique place born out of the passion of two English teachers with over 20 years of experience in teaching.

Why choose resources by eFluella?

Being teachers and examiners of the 8th grade exam and matura exam with over 20-year experience of working with students at different leves and of different group ages (in primary schools, high schools, language schools), we are well aware of the needs of students and their teachers. We make sure our resources are modern, engaging, of the highest quality, created on the basis of our first-hand experience.

Our goal is to help both teachers and students. If you are a teacher, we will make it easier for you to prepare engaging lesson content with a range of speaking, vocabulary, grammar and other exercises suitable for kids, teenagers and adult English language learners. If you are a student, you will find interesting materials to expand your knowledge. Teaching and learning with eFluella is both effective and fun. If you love English, you are in the right place!

MA in English Studies (specialisation in business and translation studies)



MA in English Studies (specialisation in business and translation studies), a secondary school teacher, an examiner of the 8th grade exam and matura  exam, an Instrumental Enrichment therapist (a method stimulating cognitive processes and assuming building a strategy for more effective problem-solving and critical thinking), a tourist guide, a tour manager, a creator and coordinator of Erasmus projects.

MA in English Studies (specialisation in teaching)



MA in English Studies (specialisation in teaching), postgraduate studies in Education Management, a high school teacher , the owner of The Language School English Tutor in Gdansk, an examiner of the 8th grade exam and matura exam.